ECES’s Strategic Plan 2013-2018 has focused the College on establishing two Centres of Excellence in support of Abu Dhabi’s as educational goals and ambitions.

The College intends to become the main advisory body for educational research, assessment and evaluation in these areas – informing government and institutional activities.

Office of Research

At ECAE, the Office of Research facilitates, drives and supports institutional and faculty-led research projects and activities. The Office is also charged with producing high-quality research that will forward understanding in the field of education, in the UAE and internationally.

Research Agenda

The Office of Research has a broad and encompassing research agenda, which includes educational policy at the national and regional level, school development and reform and educational excellence. Faculty at ECAE are also research-active with projects covering a wide spectrum of educational issues.


Research and Scholarly Activities:

Below is a selection of current and recent research activities undertaken by the College and faculty.

Research Themes

The main areas of current research activities fall within the following categories:

  • Comparative and International Education
  • Multilingual teaching and learning
  • Effective pedagogy and methodology
  • School reform / improvement
  • The study of teacher education and preparation Curriculum and instruction development Education development in the UAE and GCC

Research Centre of Excellence:

The Office of Research is charged with establishing and managing College-wide Research Centres and Centres of Excellence.