Mathematics and Science Division

The Mathematics and Science Division is responsible for education, research, services and consultation related to Maths and Science education. The Division provides high-quality and distinguished courses underscored by inquiry-based teaching, innovative projects, faculty cutting-edge research and technology integrated curriculum. The Division utilizes interdisciplinary coursework supplemented by hands on, and laboratory experience in preparing and training maths and science teachers. The Division also works in collaboration with partners in Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and other Universities to develop programs that support the preparation of maths and science educators for Cycle 2 schools and specializations in mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics for teaching in Cycle 3 schools.

The Division is involved in researching educational issues related to Maths and Science Education in the UAE and beyond in order to improve the recruitment, preparation and practice of those working in the field, at the school, system and national levels.


Division Head:

Dr. Dean Cairns, Ph.D. in Chemistry


Selected Publications:

Cairns, D. B. (1999). Synthesis and characterization of submicrometer-sized polypyrrole-polystyrene composite particles. Langmuir, 8052-8058.

Cairns, D. B. (1999). X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterization of submicrometer-sized polypyrrole-polystyrene composites. Langmuir, 8059-8066.

Cairns, D. B. (2003). Synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole-coated poly (alkyl methacrylate) latex particles. Chemistry of Materials, 233-239.