Language and Culture Division

The Language and Culture Division is responsible for education, research, services and consultation related to culture, society, language and education. The Division blends linguistic science with the art of classroom practice and is engaged in teaching applied linguistics courses within at undergraduate and graduate level. The Division aims to provide students with a firm and broad foundation in current theories of language and language learning. Future plans include offering specialized courses in bilingualism and second language learning, acquisition of academic language, and language socialization.

The Division is involved in researching educational issues related to the teaching of English as to speakers of another language in the UAE and beyond in order to improve the recruitment, preparation and practice of teachers, at the school, system and national levels.


Division Head:

Dr. Keith Kennetz, Ph.D., University of Georgia, USA


Selected Publications:

Kennetz, K., Parkman, S., & Van den Hoven, M. (2011). Emirati Student Attitudes towards Varieties of English. In Gitsaki, C. (Ed.). Teaching and Learning in the Arab World (pp.139-160). Bern: Peter Lang Verlag.

Van den Hoven, M., & Hales, S. (2012) Word Borrowing. “EIL Pedagogical Ideas” in Aya Matsuda & Chatwara Suwannamai (Eds.), Teaching English as an international language: Principles and Practices, Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.

Van den Hoven, M. & Westera, G.(in press) An Examination of Patterns of Leisure Reading Engagement in English and Arabic. In N. Moore and H.Emery (Eds.) Teaching, Learning and Researching Reading in EFL. Dubai: TESOL Arabia.