Educational Leadership Division

The Educational Leadership Division examines the intersections and relationships between education policy and leadership and how these two facets impact education systems in the Gulf and beyond. Through a wide-range of courses, programmes and degrees, the Division is able to offer in-service professional development to educational leaders and aspiring leaders, as well as courses that examine in-depth the issues surrounding decision-making and management in education policy and practice. The aim of the Division is to develop educational leaders and policymakers who are able to lead, inspire and empower others to develop educational practices, both locally and globally.

In addition, the Division is involved in researching educational issues in the UAE and beyond in order to improve the recruitment, preparation and practice of education leaders, at the school, system and national levels. The Division assists decision-makers in the UAE and beyond through policy formulation, analysis and evaluation, as well as explore education policy from an academic perspective.


Division Head:

Dr. R Blaik Hourani, PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia


Selected Publications:

Blaik Hourani, R. (2012). Pre-service teachers’ reflection: Perception, preparedness and challenges. Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Routledge-Taylor and Francis, 14 (1): 12-30.

Blaik Hourani, R., Stringer, P.& Baker, F. (2012).Constraints and subsequent limitations to parental involvement in primary schools in Abu Dhabi: Stakeholders’ perspective. School Community Journal, 22 (2): 131-160.

Blaik Hourani, R. Stringer, P. (2014). Professional development: Perceptions of benefits for principals. International Journal of Leadership in Education: Theory and Practice, Routledge- Taylor& Francis Group 17(2), 1-35.