Curriculum and Instructional Technology Division

The Curriculum and Instructional Technology Division is responsible for education, research, services and consultation related to curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and instructional practices. It is responsible for promoting technology integration across the different disciplines offered within the school environment. The Division is also responsible for the provision of courses related to graduate research methodology.

The Division is involved in researching educational issues related to curriculum development, pedagogical practice and assessment in the UAE and beyond in order to improve the recruitment, preparation and practice of teachers, at the school, system and national levels.


Division Head:

Dr. Anita G. Welch, Ph.D. Major: Curriculum and Instruction, University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA.


Selected Publications:

Welch, A., Ray, C., Peterson, C., & Cakir, M. (2014). The Relationship Between Gender and Classroom Environment in Turkish Science Classrooms. Educational Research and Reviews, Vol. 9(20), pp. 893-903.

Welch, A., Napoleon, L, Hill, B, & Rommell, E. (2014). Virtual Teaching Dispositions Scale (VTDS): A Multi-dimensional Instrument to Assess Teaching Dispositions in Virtual Classrooms. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching. Vol. 10(3), 450-471.

Welch, A. and Ray, C. (2013, January). A preliminary report of the psychometric properties of the Epistemic Beliefs Inventory. The European Journal of Social & Behavioural Sciences. Vol. 2(2), 278-303.