Counselling Health and Special Education Division

The Counselling, Health and Special Education Division is responsible for courses offered in Counselling, Health and Physical Education and Special Education Needs. It is also responsible for research, and community engagement related to these academic areas. In addition to core courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level, the Division offers specialized concentrations and tracks in Counselling, Special Education Needs and Health and Physical Education for students wishing to work within these fields of education.

The Division is involved in researching educational issues related to Health and Special Education in the UAE and beyond in order to improve the recruitment, preparation and practice of those working in these fields, at the school, system and national levels.


Division Head:

Dr. Lilly Tennant, Ph.D., Special Education, University of Arizona, USA.


Selected Publications:

Bradshaw, K., Tennant, L., & Lydiatt, S. (2004). Special Education in the United Arab Emirates: Attitudes, Anxieties & Aspirations. International Journal of Special Education, Vol. 19 (1), 49-55.

Tennant, L., & Tennant, R. (2010). Dyscalculia: More than a Mathematics Phobia. The Middle East Educator, Vol (14).

Dickson, M., Tennant, L., Kennetz, K., Riddlebarger, J., & Stringer, P. (2013). From Teacher Preparation to Classroom Practice: Perceptions of Novice Emirati Teachers. International Review of Contemporary Learning Research: An International Journal, 2 (2), 75-88.